December 29, 2006

PWA Announces New Wave Event in Cape Verde

"Roaming" contest to take place on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde

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December 12, 2006

A New Extreme Sport

A new extreme sport is growing rapidly in the UK. Wingsurfing is an exciting new land based sport that combines elements of surfing, skateboarding and windsurfing. Using the power of the wind in a hand-held wing, the rider of the 2 wheeled “inline” board can reach speeds of up to 40mph; yet he is still capable of turning like a windsurfer and doing tricks and jumps more often seen on water.

Wingsurfing is a fledgling crossover sport that uses equipment made on opposite sides of the world. The Finnish Kitewing is a marvel of wind to power efficiency. Simply by holding it, an experienced rider (or flyer) can convert the power of the wind into enormous amounts of thrust or lift; with surprising little effort.

The Australian Dirtsurfer was originally designed for riding downhill as a summer replacement for snowboarding. Capable of fluid carving like a snowboard, and recording speeds of up to 70mph, the patented design of the Dirtsurfer makes it feel more stable the faster you ride it.

One rider in the UK recently reached 48mph using only a Kitewing and a dirtsurfer. The target is 50mph, and it won't be long!

Mike P Wood

Mike Wood is at the forefront of wingsurfing in the UK and runs the website committed to providing the best advice and information for Wingsurfers in the UK and across the world, and includes the best collection of videos, photos, hints and tips and a very active forum

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