December 12, 2006

Ten Ways To Master The Art Of Paintball

Since the paintball game was discovered, many enthusiasts have found that this game is a stress reliever and some have made a career out of it. But funds are usually short for average players and this keeps them from taking their skills to the next level. Mastering paintball can be accomplished in ten ways.

1. Playing paintball requires vigorous physical activities: running, jumping, crawling, etc. Eating right, brisk walking, running and eliminating vices such as drink smoking and drugs should be attained to get in great shape.

2. Be well informed. Books, magazines, and online information are always available for players who want to play or master the game. Most of the skills need to be learned during the actual playing of the game but tips and suggestions are helpful too.

3. Visual practice. Assess the environment where the game will be played. Paintball is a real world scenario for the player. It may sound silly but try developing your instincts in a supermarket. Visualize the routes of escape, where other shoppers are and what your next step will be.

4. Prepare all the equipment and accessories that are needed prior to the game. Pack everything you need to save time when the game is being played.

5. Wear comfortable clothing that is appropriate for the paintball game. Look for comfortable camouflaged items that are loose so that movements are easily made. Do not wear clothes that make sounds when moving as this will lead the other shooters to you.

6. Before the game, if there is time to use it, get a feel of the field. By doing this, a player can visualize the field itself, especially during daytime. Look for hiding places and the places where you can anticipate where the opponents might go.

7. Attitude plays an important role in playing the game. Know your role in the paintball game so you can derive strategies not only for yourself but for the whole team.

8. Be flexible by changing tactics in every game. Opponents can see the pattern of a player and can use it against him if he does the same thing every time.

9. Review past mistakes and try not to do them again. The best tips that a player can get are from his last game.

10. Upgrade the gadgets. Some accessories have inexpensive ways to upgrade. It not only increases your efficiency but also your confidence.

Mastering the game of paintball will take some time. Be patient, practice and time is more important than expensive equipment. Playing paintball is habit forming.

Corey Palmer

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Army Paintball Guns Give You a Fighting Chance!

Any sport that you become involved in is going to cost you money! The sport of paintball however does not have to be expensive and it's a ton of fun, as well. There are some great-performing paintball guns out there, considering how little they cost. You do have to be careful, though, that if you purchase the wrong one, it could end up in the trashcan and not the playing field. Army paintball guns and spyder paintball guns are quality choices, but they may end up costing you more depending on the model you choose. Here are a few tips to help you judge which guns under $200 are your best value. Start by talking to other players, visiting online forums, and reading reviews. You'll be glad you did, especially when it comes to saving or spending your money, of which you may not have a great surplus.

There are some very cheap paintball guns out there and some of them perform wonderfully well, considering how little they cost. However, many cheap paintball guns belong in the trashcan, not on the playing field. Choose a well-known manufacturer such as tippman paintball and peruse their affordable guns. These tips will help you judge which guns under $200 will give you the best value. If you don't have a lot of money to spend, make sure the money you do spend counts! The more research you do up front (talking to other players, reading reviews), the happier you will be later. There are three basic types of actions that you should look for when it comes to an affordable paintball gun. Open-bolt, referred to as semi-automatic blowback, pump-action, and hybrid blowback, which come with electronic trigger frames. Each type of action will cause the paintball guns to react differently. So the thing you need to focus on is how quickly you want your marker to shoot and how much work you need to do to make that gun fire. Obviously, if you buy a tippman a5 as an example, you'll get much better action but you'll pay more as well.

In addition to action, performance means many things, including accuracy, range, and a good rate of fire, but it also means reliability. With the cheaper guns, you may find that they'll perform great one day, but not the next. Keep in mind that even a make like spyder paintball guns is not necessarily a guarantee of a stellar performance. Make sure that you purchase a gun that is going to work for you on a consistent basis and has a good reputation. Talk with other players and find out what is performing best for them. Try to find the most durable paintball gun possible, as it will have to take lots of abuse on the field. Choose a metal body over a plastic one with the exception of some very strong plastic polymers. The metal guns can fall apart, too, so make sure that the bolts and other things that keep the gun together look good and that the gun feels sturdy. If it has any shaking parts look elsewhere. Paintball guns can be powered several different ways, but the cheapest way is by carbon dioxide (C02). Try to stay away from 12-gram cartridges, as you want a gun that uses a CO2 bottle, which is also referred to as a tank. Even if you decide to purchase a tippman a5, there's always a possibility it will run well on CO2. You're going to have to purchase a gun that can handle it or make sure you have enough money to get an anti-siphon x-chamber or a regulator so it will work better.

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November 14, 2006

Paintball 101 What you need to know

Paintball is a game played up of many players or teams. It can be played indoors or out, with as few as two people or as many as 500. Paintball is played at designated fields, back yards or even in the woods. A game can last as little as 5 minutes or hours with all depending on one to take something, find something, or to just be the last person not marked. Depending on the location of where you play, the strategy of your game will vary from being quiet and sneaky and choosing your shots carefully, to being loud, fast, and shooting constantly. Paintball is a competitive sport played like any other competitive sport, to win. It is challenging game of tag, hide-and-seek or even capture-the-flag. Being you shoot at other people and they shoot at you, paintball requires safety equipment to be worn such as goggles, special clothing and etc.

An essential part of paintball is the paintball itself. As in tennis, the ball is the main element of a paintball game. But unlike a tennis game, paintball has dozens, often hundreds, of 'balls' in play at any one time. As the name implies, these balls are actually tiny containers of paint.

Paintballs have a really simple construction. They're actually a lot like bath-oil beads. They are made of colored liquid enclosed in a gelatin shell and are available in a variety of colors. Paintball are also non-toxic, biodegradable and are water soluble.
Basically, a paintball is like a small water balloon, weighing only a few grams. The shell holds up if you handle it or drop it from a short distance. When you shoot a paintball from a gun, however, it bursts on impact and leaves large splatter of paint.

The job of the paintball gun, or as many call a marker, is to shoot the paintball at a high rate of speed. In a standard gun, the propulsion system is compressed gas such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen or ordinary air and is stored in small or large tanks that can be attached to the gun. The paintball gun is also attached to a hopper, which holds the paintballs.
Maintaining safety in paintball is important to make the game safe. The power of paintball guns is strictly regulated. Guns in play are adjusted so that the maximum speed of the paintball is 300 feet per second. A paintball traveling at this speed is not likely to cause serious injury if it hits you, though it will sting and can leave a bruise. Also, since wind resistance starts slowing the paintball down as soon as it leaves the gun, it has a reduced impact when fired from a greater distance. Speeding paintballs can cause serious injury to the eyes and paintball players always wear protection.

In addition to playing paintball for recreational use, paintball is also part of military and police training. In terms of feel and handling, a paintball gun has little in common with an actual firearm, but paintball is still good training for combat situations. Mainly, it lets soldiers and police practice strategy and the fine art of not getting shot.
There are many paintball leagues around with American Paintball League being one of the largest in the paintball industry. Another paintball league is the National Professional Paintball League. There are the two main paintball leagues. Though they both pertain to paintball, each has their own set of rules for playing the sport.
Jeffrey Jones
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